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Brides & Beauty: Stun Your Folks By Hiring A Professional Hair and Makeup Artist In Melbourne

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One of the most desired thing for a person is to look good and this statement absolutely stands true in case of girls. Their desire to make them look good often ends up in getting gaga over the best makeup artists that they can get for themselves.

Why Get A Makeup Artist?

The very first thing to understand here is the fact that makeup and that too a perfect one is something as similar to a work of art and that not everyone can actually make the best out of it. A good beautician can actually ensure the fact that they have done a marvelous job on the person and make them look exceptionally beautiful. The professional makeup artists can not only ensure a transformation but also the best one actually.

How To Select A Good Makeup Artist in Melbourne?

There are various ways that one can opt for a good beautifying artist for themselves. The very first thing that they should necessarily do in the process is make sure that they are doing a well enough research for the very same in the first place. Individuals should try suggestions and read reviews. Also ask friends and relatives and try searching online for the best results.

When To Hire A good Melbourne Makeup Artist?

The very first thing that people should realize is that the occasion should be really almost everything that needs a Makeup Artist.

May that be attending a great marriage party to an office party! Everywhere people should be able to leave an impression of themselves and this is really something that people should know is important. Makeup is one thing that can give them their unforgettable identity and this is exactly what people shouldn’t forget at all.

Brides & Beauty is home to the most talented hair and makeup artist in Melbourne. The Brides & Beauty team offer services at an affordable packages for wedding and special events. They are honored to be a part of their clients ‘magical days, and commit to produce the most exquisite results, so that you can embrace your wedding day.


Talented Makeup Artists at Brides and Beauty Help You Achieve the Best Look

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Every bride wants to look at her very best on the most important day of her life. Hiring a professional make up artist in Melbourne takes away the worry of getting the perfect look. These seasoned and reliable professionals work to highlight your best features. They have good understanding about face shapes and colors. These artists decide which shades are compatible in the best way with your skin tone, hair color and wedding outfit.  They are skilled in every sense to conceal inherent flaws and making you look naturally beautiful and gorgeous.

At Brides & Beauty, the wedding makeup artists and hair stylists are dedicated to meticulously manifest your vision. Every bride has an image of how she would like to look on her special day and make up artist in Melbourne respects this fact and adds a distinct touch to the required look. The makeup artists are friendly and easy to work with. They are available seven days a week and make use of best quality hair and makeup products to offer long lasting results.

Wedding Makeup Melbourne
Wedding Makeup Melbourne

They provide a range of packages to perfectly suit the needs of every client. Airbrush makeup is one of the best ways to achieve the most radiant flawless look which lasts longer. They help your makeup to stay in place around the clock. The artists only make use of most professional products such as Mac, Urban Decay, Nars, Kevyn Aucoin, Makeup for Ever, and Chanel. Their services include spray tanning, makeup, hair styling, cosmetic tattooing and many more.

In addition to a wide range of services offered at their place, they also provide mobile wedding makeup services. Their mobile hairdressers Melbourne will visit your location at your convenient time and provide the most affordable beauty styling packages. So, you are also saved from the hassle of going to the salon and then coming back to home. You have the option of getting their professional services at your home only. For more details, please browse through

Importance of Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist For your Wedding

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A wedding day is the most special day of a girl’s life and during this big day, every bride wants to look at her best. Bridal makeup artist in Melbourne performs an important role in the wedding ceremony as they create an awesome look for the bride. Brides & Beauty provides you with everything you need to make your wedding day a perfect and memorable occasion. Shelley Bledsoe and her talented team have over a decade of experience in bridal makeup. The professional artists are dedicated to helping brides in looking and feeling amazing on their big day while ensuring that they look beautiful and relaxed.

The team at Brides & Beauty includes highly specialised professionals committed to offer top class services for their clients. These professionals are highly innovative in their approach and customer satisfaction is not compromised during any of the beauty services. They provide customised services to each client and help you stand out in the competition. Every bridal makeup artist in Melbourne enhances each individual’s natural beauty to ensure that each bride looks stunning on their special day.

Bridal Hair Melbourne

At Brides & Beauty, they are passionate about airbrush makeup as it comes with many benefits. It provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections and giving skin a beautifully natural finished look. It is water resistant and last for up to fourteen hours or more. It results in the most radiant flawless look and their artists also spray each of the clients with a permanent makeup fixing spray. Each make up artist, Melbourne is committed to producing the most exquisite results.

The best part of their wedding hair and makeup in Melbourne is that they provide a hair and makeup trial before your big day. This helps you to choose the colours and styles that suit you the best. In addition, these Melbourne based mobile wedding makeup and hair professionals will visit client’s location and offer affordable beauty styling packages. Check out the complete range of services and packages, by browsing through

Role of a Bridal Makeup Artist

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Wedding day is the most auspicious occasion of a woman’s life and a good makeup artist should be the top priority on the list. Wedding is a special day and everything has to be just perfect. A professional bridal makeup artist has finesse and a keen eye for detail. Bridal makeup is unique in the sense that a bride has to look at very best and makeup brings out her femininity. Professional artists enhance bride’s beauty while retaining the natural charm and glow.

Woman having eye shadow applied

A Bridal Makeup in Melbourne has the ability to create own individual style to make the bride stand out from the rest. He will get the bride ready for her special day by creating a style that complements the outfit as well as the wedding theme. When it comes to choosing makeup artists, there are various different choices such as beauty salon, freelance hairstylists and bridal makeup business.

Beauty salons

Beauty salons employ professional and experienced makeup artists and have a team of hairstylists and aestheticians as well. Many salons offer bridal packages for the bride and entire wedding party.

Freelance makeup artists

There are many wedding Make Up Artist in Melbourne that do freelancing. Freelancers offer great convenience and flexibility in their services. They also offer in-home visit services. It is a good choice for those who enjoy setting their own schedules. A self-taught freelance bridal makeup artist works to give brides the perfect look they desire. One can check out their profiles before signing up for their services.

Bridal business

There are businesses that specialize in bridal makeup and hair styling and are often the top choices for brides. A bridal business can be run from a personal residence as well.

Professional wedding hair and makeup artists recognize the potential drawbacks and highlights. As they work with an extensive range of people and on different types of faces, their experience is unmatched. They do tailor-made makeup that suits the face of the bride and the theme of the wedding. A person with passion for makeup and beauty is a good choice.

Role of Professional Make Up Artist Melbourne

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The wedding day is one of the most treasured days of one’s life and hiring a professional makeup artist will assure your appearance is flawless. Experienced makeup artists provide the beautiful look that you desire and deserve. They apply water and tear resistant makeup that enhance your natural beauty and looks good in photos as well as in person. You should look for reliable Make Up artist in Melbourne that has a good reputation as being one of the best in the business. They should enhance your individual features while hiding little flaws that we all have.

Brides and BeautyBrides & Beauty houses Melbourne’s most talented wedding makeup artists and hair stylists. The professionals understand your requirements and offer services that help you get the perfect look. They are dedicated to offering impeccable services to offer you awesome look. Their bridal makeup artists make you look and feel beautiful. The cosmetics used are of international brands and give your skin the texture that can perfectly provide the most appealing looks. They work to create the appearance of flawless skin and then highlight the natural beauty. The make up artist, Melbourne caters for a diverse range of styles and colors for your special day. They develop an understanding of your style and personality to define the style you are looking for.

At Brides & Beauty, their Mobile Hairdressers Melbourne offers the convenience of getting the services at your place. It is so much easier than dragging kids out or finding a sitter at the salon. The experience you will enjoy is personal and you can make easy scheduling. The professionals also offer you a hair and makeup trial before your big day so that you get just the best colors and styles that ideally suit you.

In addition to hair and makeup services, the salon also offers services of spray tanning, special packages, special event services and more. Check out the complete range of services, by browsing through

Why You Should Choose Brides & Beauty For Your Wedding Makeup in Melbourne

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For any girl, her wedding day is perhaps the most important day in her life.  She dreams of being dressed in a beautiful white gown being led down the aisle into the hands of her prince charming.  At Brides & Beauty, we know how to make you look your best on that special day.  We have a strong team of talented makeup artists and hair stylists who will make you look gorgeous and beautiful.  If you are looking for wedding makeup in Melbourne, then we are at your service.

We can create customized looks for you: elegant, modern, classic, edgy, or whatever else you want.  Our expert professionals have years of experience styling for digital, print, and media ads and events.  We are passionate about what we do, and that reflects  in the looks.  When you hire us to do your wedding makeup in Melbourne, you can be sure that you are getting the best service. We use only the most highest quality products from leading brands, and your skin’s health is our priority.

Shelly Bledsoe, our owner has worked  for popular, high end designers like Comme De Garcon, Chanel, Calvin Klein and Missoni in the 1990’s.  While there may be lot’s of stylists and beauty experts for you to select, the following are just some of the reasons to call us for doing wedding makeup in Melbourne.

  1. Skilled Make Up Artists – When you hire us, you can be sure that a skilled makeup artist will be working on your face for the big day. They will analyze your skin properly before doing any kind of makeup.


  1. Experienced Hair Stylists –  Our hair stylists not only have years of experience, but they also stay updated with all the latest styles.  We will give you a hair style that suits your face, dress, and personality.
  1. Competitive Prices – We give you end service without making you feel like you had to empty all your pockets.
  1. 4.       Professional Service – Our service is always professional, competent, and we give your concerns the utmost priority. Don’t hesitate to discuss questions or queries regarding your hair or make up with us, because this will only enhance the service that we can provide for you.


For more information, please visit us at, or call us at (03) 9005 5908.