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Brides and Beauty expert in providing quality services for hairstyle and makeup services. Our artists are dedicated professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the unique styles and trends.


Why You Should Only Trust A Professional Make Up Artist For Your Wedding

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The wedding is certainly the most important event in a person’s life. Every girl dreams of her wedding day. Pretending to walk down to the aisle with flowers draped on her head and a trail of beautiful wedding gown. However, we hardly imagine what our make up will look like.


Your wedding day is one of the most treasured days of your life. It will be documented with videos and photos to last a lifetime. Hiring a professional make up artist will assure your appearance in those pictures is flawless. Not to mention, you need water and tear resistant make up as your wedding day is a roller coaster of emotions. An experienced make up artist can provide the beautiful look that deserve and desire to look like a princess.


You should know that not all makeup artists in Melbourne are same. Some specialize in ‘glamour’ make up and some specialize in ‘natural beauty.’ these professionals use branded cosmetics that help in enhancing the beauty of the bride. They also help in providing appealing cover-up on the face and the other body parts with the help of the cosmetics. This covering is very effective in hiding the imperfections of the skin thus giving you the most attractive look.  It is recommended to take these services from these artist to increase your beauty manifold.


Brides & Beauty has a team of best make up artists in Melbourne providing the best beauty packages for weddings and special events. Our bridal style is natural looking and radiant, ensuring that you will appear as the best version of your beautiful self. We also have the most talented mobile hair dressers in Melbourne highly recommend a hair and make up trial before your big day so we can help you choose the colors and styles that best suit you.

Apply these 6 Secret Techniques For Picture Perfect Bridal Makeup

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It’s your big day and there is no other day in your life, when you will be photographed as much as your wedding day. The photos are clicked from each and every angle. Thus, makeup do play a vital role in your overall look and choosing it carefully is absolutely crucial. Not all makeup is meant for photos, even if you choose quality products. The makeup artist work well to highlight the good and hide the bad, but no one knows your skin and problem areas as well as you. So, keep in mind few Bridal Makeup tips to look flawless in the photos.

Brides and Beauty
Brides and Beauty

1.Canvas Your Best Features: The best way to look great in wedding photos is to make one or two best features of yours stand out. For the cheek bones to work their charm, subtly brush them upwards with a light blush. For your lips to stand out, a bright lip color with the right amount of lip gloss breathe life to your face.

2.Pay Attention to Shape and Arch of Eyebrows: A well shaped eyebrows and shape highlight the eye makeup. Even just a little bit of grooming can make a big difference in your photos. An oval shaped face would stand out with soft angled eyebrows. Similarly, arching your eyebrows depends on the shape of your face and the density of your eyebrows.

3.Concealer is a Best Idea to Create Perfect Look: To cover the scars, blemishes and darkness under your eyes concealer is a good option. A concealer help you wipe off all the dabs from your face, dissolving into your skin like they never existed. But, choose slightly lighter color concealer than your skin tone and avoid trying five shades lighter than your skin tone.

4.Choose a Good Bronzer: The camera can sometimes give the lighter shade impression of your face. Applying a good quality bronzer after your concealer and foundation, gives your face in depth photos. Make sure your bronzer application is not too heavy and has an even appearance, watching for streaks. If too much bronzer is applied, blend the bronzer down evenly with a cotton pad.

5.Do not Ignore your Lips: The dry and chapped lips look very unattractive on camera. No one wants to look bad on their wedding day, so ahead and choose a matte lipstick layered under a gloss to keep your lips gorgeous all day long. Pick up a bright color that liven up your face and look great in photos. If you are going for a softer color like a warm peach or a pink, then make sure apply two or three coats.

6.Use Loose Powder to give Final Touch: The silky-fine loose powder gives you a smooth and beautiful look and works to help keep foundation looking just right. For a beautiful finish and a soft look, choose a powders which compliment your skin tone. Pay special attention to the forehead, cheek and chin gradually working it through your face with a brush. To give it a deep coverage, pat it along your face subtly to blur the existing lines and wrinkles.

Hope, these beauty hacks works to look you beautiful. Attention to detail is always important and Bridal Makeup Artist Melbourne are helping you master just that. Every makeup looks more pronounced if you wear it with beautiful smile of yours, because nothing else could complete your look better than a smile. Stressing out will only cause you anxiety, and your face will tell that story in the photos. Just have fun, and enjoy the day!

Brides & Beauty Offers Best Bridal Hair and Makeup Services

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Every bride pays the most attention to her gown but may forget to pay attention towards the hairstyle and makeup. Irrespective of the beautiful gown, it can be a disaster when the hairstyle and makeup are a mismatch. So, it is very essential to choose the best services for bridal hair and makeup in Melbourne.  You should always trust a professional bridal hair makeup artist that has good experience in the industry. Brides & Beauty employs Melbourne’s most talented wedding makeup artists and hair stylists. These professionals bring their experience and talent to help brides achieve their best look.

The teams of Brides & Beauty understand that the makeup depends on skin tone, facial shape and other factors. They offer reliable services of bridal hair and makeup Melbourne to enhance the most beautiful look of the bride. They understand that wedding day is one of the most precious day in girl’s life and every bride desires of everything to be perfect. The bride has the complete right to look unique and at her best. They know that bridal hair and makeup play the most important part in bride’s appearance and are dedicated to enhancing the most beautiful side of the bride. Utilizing their experience and knowledge, the makeup applied by them last through and through and remains as it was applied.

Brides & Beauty team of hairstylists and makeup artists are working passionately to help every bride achieve the most awesome look. Their professionals also provide mobile bridal hair and makeup Melbourne services where they visit your location. So, you need not to bother to visit the parlor and then go back home to perform wedding customs and rituals. They will visit your place and always apply the best quality hair and makeup products to offer long lasting results. They provide a range of services including spray tanning, cosmetic tattooing, hair styling and more at the most affordable prices. Contact them today for your bridal makeup needs. For more details, please browse through

Importance of Hiring A Professional Makeup Artist For your Wedding

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A wedding day is the most special day of a girl’s life and during this big day, every bride wants to look at her best. Bridal makeup artist in Melbourne performs an important role in the wedding ceremony as they create an awesome look for the bride. Brides & Beauty provides you with everything you need to make your wedding day a perfect and memorable occasion. Shelley Bledsoe and her talented team have over a decade of experience in bridal makeup. The professional artists are dedicated to helping brides in looking and feeling amazing on their big day while ensuring that they look beautiful and relaxed.

The team at Brides & Beauty includes highly specialised professionals committed to offer top class services for their clients. These professionals are highly innovative in their approach and customer satisfaction is not compromised during any of the beauty services. They provide customised services to each client and help you stand out in the competition. Every bridal makeup artist in Melbourne enhances each individual’s natural beauty to ensure that each bride looks stunning on their special day.

Bridal Hair Melbourne

At Brides & Beauty, they are passionate about airbrush makeup as it comes with many benefits. It provides flawless coverage by minimizing skin imperfections and giving skin a beautifully natural finished look. It is water resistant and last for up to fourteen hours or more. It results in the most radiant flawless look and their artists also spray each of the clients with a permanent makeup fixing spray. Each make up artist, Melbourne is committed to producing the most exquisite results.

The best part of their wedding hair and makeup in Melbourne is that they provide a hair and makeup trial before your big day. This helps you to choose the colours and styles that suit you the best. In addition, these Melbourne based mobile wedding makeup and hair professionals will visit client’s location and offer affordable beauty styling packages. Check out the complete range of services and packages, by browsing through

Hire Services of Talented Melbourne Makeup Artist at Brides & Beauty

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There are certain special events in our life that call need for professional services of Melbourne makeup artist. One of the most important among them is the wedding day. Wedding is the most auspicious day in one’s life and every bride want to get the most awesome look. When it comes to makeup and beauty care, professional hair and makeup artists are the best choice. A professional artist understands the skin types and uses the tools correctly. They also have a good understanding of contouring and shading to compliment or even hide skin flaws.


When looking for artists of hair and makeup in Melbourne, there’s no better choice than Brides & Beauty. Their most talented artists and hair stylists offer a range of services from spray tanning and cosmetic tattooing to makeup and hair styling. Each artist brings her years of experience and talent in the beauty industry to offer a truly creative experience. They always go above and beyond to ensure clients are overjoyed with their appearances.

At Brides & Beauty, Shelley Bledsoe and her team are dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge of unique styles and trends. She has been working as a hair and makeup artist for many years. She has worked extensively in the fashion industry and loves to make bride look and feel special.  She and her team have passion for enhancing each individual’s natural beauty.

The team at Brides & Beauty understands the need for creating a perfect look that will also be captured flawlessly behind the camera lens. The Melbourne makeup artists understand that not all brides are the same and are able to create many looks. They provide a precise look that highlights your features and your natural beauty. In addition to this, they also offer mobile service where hair and makeup Melbourne artists will come to you on your wedding day.

The professionals are committed to delivering marvelous results with affordable beauty styling packages for weddings and special events. For more details, please browse through

Role of a Bridal Makeup Artist

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Wedding day is the most auspicious occasion of a woman’s life and a good makeup artist should be the top priority on the list. Wedding is a special day and everything has to be just perfect. A professional bridal makeup artist has finesse and a keen eye for detail. Bridal makeup is unique in the sense that a bride has to look at very best and makeup brings out her femininity. Professional artists enhance bride’s beauty while retaining the natural charm and glow.

Woman having eye shadow applied

A Bridal Makeup in Melbourne has the ability to create own individual style to make the bride stand out from the rest. He will get the bride ready for her special day by creating a style that complements the outfit as well as the wedding theme. When it comes to choosing makeup artists, there are various different choices such as beauty salon, freelance hairstylists and bridal makeup business.

Beauty salons

Beauty salons employ professional and experienced makeup artists and have a team of hairstylists and aestheticians as well. Many salons offer bridal packages for the bride and entire wedding party.

Freelance makeup artists

There are many wedding Make Up Artist in Melbourne that do freelancing. Freelancers offer great convenience and flexibility in their services. They also offer in-home visit services. It is a good choice for those who enjoy setting their own schedules. A self-taught freelance bridal makeup artist works to give brides the perfect look they desire. One can check out their profiles before signing up for their services.

Bridal business

There are businesses that specialize in bridal makeup and hair styling and are often the top choices for brides. A bridal business can be run from a personal residence as well.

Professional wedding hair and makeup artists recognize the potential drawbacks and highlights. As they work with an extensive range of people and on different types of faces, their experience is unmatched. They do tailor-made makeup that suits the face of the bride and the theme of the wedding. A person with passion for makeup and beauty is a good choice.